Heaven for Kids (Audiobook CD)


Heaven for Kids (Audiobook CD)

Kids have always asked...

Where exactly is Heaven? I know Jesus will be there, but will I get to hang out with my friends and family, too? Will I get to play sports?

...and adults have always wanted to give better answers.

Here's the good news! As a parent and a grandparent, Randy Alcorn knows how important it is to pass along the biblical truths about Heaven. So in Heaven for Kids, Randy has adapted his bestselling book, Heaven, for a younger generation and he's made all the great information and fresh teaching accessible and applicable for kids.

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Product Details

  • Read by Randy Alcorn
  • Unabridged, approximately 3 hours, 3 CDs

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Listener Review

"After the Bible this is the most exciting book to be read! I ordered it to listen to on a family car trip. I can't wait to get my kids thinking about Heaven, too!" -R.F.