Edge of Eternity (Audiobook CD)


Edge of Eternity (Audiobook CD)

Nick Seagrave is a disillusioned business executive who has lost loved ones to tragedy and his family to neglect. Now, at a point of great crisis, he finds himself inexplicably transported to what appears to be another world. 

Suddenly he's confronted with profoundly clear views of his own past and personality. And he's enabled to see, hear, taste, and smell the realities of both heaven and hell—realities that force him to face dangers and trials far greater than any he's known before.

Pitting against flying beasts, a monstrous web that threatens to hold him captive, an evil brooding intelligence, and undeniable evidence of a spiritual world, Nick must finally come to grips with the God he claims not to believe in.

Walking between two worlds—where every choice he makes casts a vote for heaven or hell—Nick Seagrave prepares to make decisions that will change his life forever, as he stands on the Edge of Eternity.

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  • Read by Roger Marsh and Phil Ross
  • Abridged, 6 CDs

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