The Law of Rewards (Audiobook CD)


The Law of Rewards (Audiobook CD)

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What motivates you? Do you ever long for approval? Would you like to hear someone you love and respect say, "Well done"? Do you yearn for wealth, influence, or pleasures? As Christians, we tend to dismiss these longings as superficial, even sinful. But best-selling author Randy Alcorn explains that God created us with these desires. It's all part of his incentive plan. 

In this fascinating look at God's motivational system, you'll find out why he wired us for rewards, what kind he offers, and when and how we can claim them. God doesn't guarantee power or possessions or pleasures in this world, but he promises extravagant rewards in the next. 

Discover how the way you live and give today determines the way you'll be rewarded in heaven—for eternity.

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Product Details

  • Read by Randy Alcorn
  • Unabridged, 3.5 hours, 3 CDs

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Listener Review

I repeatedly listen to pastor Alcorn’s CD’s while I am driving. I have been most blessed with Grace and Truth and Law of Rewards. I am like a sponge for God’s Word in both of these areas and thank God for pastor Alcorn’s gifts of writing and teaching the Word with insight, simplicity, and depth. D.H.