Face to Face with Jesus: Seeing Him as He Really Is


Face to Face with Jesus: Seeing Him as He Really Is

He Changes Everything

Do you remember the day, the moment, you met the Son of God for the first time? You know Him as your Savior, but do you know Him as your Lord, your role model, and your servant leader?

To truly know Jesus and follow His example, it's essential to study and contemplate His words and the incredible aspects of His character.

Bestselling author Randy Alcorn shares 200 brief meditations, Scripture readings, and inspirational quotes that help reveal the rich identity of God's Son. As you reflect on who Jesus is and what He's done for you, you'll be encouraged to know and love Him more deeply, experience transformation as you meditate on Him, anticipate eternal life with Christ, and see how that changes your perspective today.

God offers you Jesus, a Savior full of grace and truth, one who is never boring, but always fascinating and life-transforming. Are you ready to see Jesus face-to-face as you never have before?

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  • 224 pages


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