60 Days of Happiness

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60 Days of Happiness: Discover God's Promise of Relentless Joy

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When it comes to happiness, most of us have the same questions. Why can’t I be consistently happy? Is it wrong to be happy when there’s so much pain and suffering in the world? And perhaps the biggest one: How can I be happier? Some Christians make an artificial contrast between joy and happiness, while others claim God wants us to be holy, but not happy. In fact, he wants us to be both, and the two go hand in hand!

In 60 Days of Happiness, noted theologian and New York Times bestselling author Randy Alcorn shares sixty timeless devotions demonstrating that God not only wants us to be happy in Him and enjoy His gifts, He commands and empowers us to do so.

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Note from the Author

I wrote this for two kinds of readers: first, those who haven’t read my book Happiness but long to learn what God has to say about this subject and what his people have said about happiness throughout the centuries. It’s for anyone who likes to deal with subjects in bite-sized chunks that are also heart-touching and practical.

Second, it’s for those who have read Happiness but would like to return to the subject and ponder it in a devotional format that will likely speak to them in different ways. Some of what they read earlier will be reinforced, but much will feel brand new.

This book is also for those who want to pass on the exciting and paradigm-shifting concepts of Happiness but in a smaller and more easily digestible form that may suit their friends or family better. —Randy Alcorn

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