Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

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The latest pro-life book from Randy Alcorn

Pro-Choice or Pro-Life: Examining 15 Pro-Choice Claims—What Do Facts & Common Sense Tell Us? 

There are few issues as consequential for our personal lives and communities as abortion. It divides people not only on the streets and in workplaces, but also in homes and churches. After all, this issue involves personal decisions about sex, pregnancy, parenting, and our health. So while abortion is difficult to talk about, it’s important to provide accurate information and a context in which that information can be discussed.

In this thoroughly researched and easy-to-read book, author Randy Alcorn examines fifteen major claims of the pro-choice position and shares fact-based, rational responses. If you have mixed feelings about abortion, as many people do, this book can be part of your quest for truth. If you’re pro-choice or pro-life, it can help you think through your position.

If we have any hope of understanding and engaging with each other, let’s move our dialogue beyond bumper stickers, memes, and tweets. Randy encourages readers to listen carefully to arguments on both sides of the abortion debate, and to look at the evidence and weigh it on its own merit.

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Note from Randy Alcorn

randy-circle-gray.jpgI’m excited to introduce my book Pro-Choice or Pro-Life: Examining 15 Pro-Choice Claims—What Do Facts & Common Sense Tell Us? It tackles the predominant pro-choice claims head-on but does so in a thoughtful and non-aggressive way in order to reach pro-life and at least some pro-choice readers. This book is carefully written and edited, and I believe is a high-quality pro-life resource.

We are making Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? available widely to churches and pro-life groups of every kind. The print book can be purchased from our ministry for a low cost. A single pro-life donor could purchase enough copies for their entire church. The PDF is online for free.

Our prayer is that people around the world with a firm pro-life understanding and significant translation skills would be involved in rendering the book into other languages. There will be no royalties or licensing fees. Groups can print and give it away or sell it as they wish. Our goal is simply to get the truth out.

Join me in praying that God will use this book to make an impact!

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How is Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? different than Why Pro-Life? and Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments?

Size is the first and most obvious difference. Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Arguments is over 143,000 words, and Why Pro-Life? is over 52,000 words, while Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? comes in at 32,000 words.

It is designed to be highly readable and welcoming, a book to hand someone you’re talking to without overwhelming them. Someone could ask a friend or family member, “Would you be willing to read this and let me know what you think?” It’s a very discussable book for one on one, or a small group where a leader could assign one or more chapter per week, and within a few months a group could receive a decent pro-life education.

Its smaller size will likely be a help, while the encyclopedic volume Pro-Life Answers contains more in-depth and thoroughly documented answers and will continue to be widely used by students for research papers, speeches, and debates.

Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? reflects the heart and soul of Pro-Life Answers to Pro-choice Arguments but distills the main arguments from thirty-nine down to fifteen major claims. It provides a more concise (though still substantial) response to each one. Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? focuses on the actual facts and logic that refute the claims, but being much smaller, it can have a broader reach. (Pro-Life Answers was designed to be a handbook and comprehensive resource for pro-lifers and has been used to train pro-life advocates from its first edition in 1990 and through its extensively updated edition in the 2000s.)

Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? is also different in approach from Why Pro-Life?, which is less argument-intensive and addresses topics by chapters in order to lay out the pro-life case. Major pro-choice arguments are certainly included in Why Pro-Life?, but the chapters aren’t centered on directly responding to them.

Why Pro-Life? has three appendices and Pro-Life Answers has eleven. The combined length of those eleven appendices is just longer than the entire Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

All three books are like overlapping circles. Each one has numbers of things not in the others. But besides its brevity, Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? has the advantage of being most current and most sensitive to newer expressions of the arguments, and addresses recent developments while drawing from more current sources. Each book has its own advantages, but Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? is a fresh, informative, and easy-to-read resource for pro-lifers who want to know, “How do I respond logically and concisely to the pro-choice claims I am always hearing?” It’s also an answer to the question, “What is a short and inexpensive resource I can give to those influenced by the pro-choice arguments, something that they might actually read?”

A final advantage of Pro-Choice or Pro-Life? is that it’s readily cross-cultural because most of the pro-choice and pro-life arguments dealt with are essentially the same worldwide, and the material is easily adaptable to particular cultures with different practices and laws. (We gladly extend permission for translators to edit so as to reflect their own cultural contexts, but we do request that the core content and values not be altered.)