50 Días del Cielo (50 Days of Heaven in Spanish)

50 Días del Cielo (50 Days of Heaven in Spanish)
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50 Días del Cielo: Reflexiones que Dan Luz sobre la Eternidad

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El devocional proporciona un programa de 50 días, es fácil de seguir, y revela la información bíblica de lo que será una vida cristiana en el Cielo. A lo largo de esta jornada, el lector aprenderá y meditará en las promesas, recompensas y expectativas que disfrutará por toda la eternidad como creyente en Cristo. Este devocional se basa en las enseñanzas de Randy Alcorn en su exitoso libro El Cielo.

If you've always thought of Heaven as a realm of disembodied spirits, clouds, and eternal harp strumming, you're in for a wonderful surprise! God has put eternity in our hearts. Now Randy Alcorn brings eternity to light in 50 inspiring and thought-provoking meditations that will forever change the way you think about the spectacular new universe that awaits us! A New Heaven and New Earth where Jesus will be the cosmic center, and joy will be the air we breathe - a universe free from pain and suffering, and filled with unending beauty and adventure.

After reading and reflecting on these soul-stirring meditations, the next time you hear someone say, "We can't begin to imagine what Heaven will be like," you'll be able to tell them, "I can."

50 Days of Heaven contains stand alone meditations to be read one at a time, including questions of self-examination as well as prayer. Many people who have read and appreciated Heaven will find this very helpful, not only as review, but as an opportunity to focus on bite-sized chunks. Though there is substantial overlap, it feels distinctly different and is more digestible.

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