90 Days of God's Goodness


90 Days of God's Goodness: Daily Reflections That Shine Light on Personal Darkness

Randy Alcorn offers 90 daily reflections dealing with virtually every aspect of the single biggest question that blocks people’s faith in God: If God is good, why is there so much evil and suffering? Randy Alcorn offers faith-building encouragement and comfort from God’s goodness.

In this book you’ll be continually guided into a deeper glimpse of God’s loving ways and higher purposes—the very things we’re often most blinded to whenever we battle pain and anguish. You’ll become convinced that God’s love in Christ Jesus is a bigger, stronger answer than the most troublesome questions you’ve ever faced.

For anyone who’s ever suffered, or shared in a loved one’s suffering…or for anyone who’s ever been painfully distressed by the prevalent evil in this world…90 Days of God’s Goodness opens a wide door to healing and the reassurance of a God whose love we can count on and always turn to.

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  • Softcover
  • 313 pages

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