The Apostle Graphic Novel

The Apostle graphic novel
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The Apostle Graphic Novel

It's the Apostle Paul's life story like you've never experienced it before!

Randy Alcorn's graphic novel The Apostle is based on the epic life and missionary journeys of the Apostle Paul. You'll discover Paul’s incredible story of faith and grace in a compelling narrative form with beautiful full-color illustrations. (Randy has carefully included, in a condensed form, most of what the Bible tells us about Paul, while adding fictional details and dialogue to make the story work as a graphic novel.) 

While it is a standalone book, The Apostle is also volume 10 of the Kingstone Bible, a complete graphic adaptation of the Bible published in 12 volumes.

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  • Softcover
  • Full-color illustrations
  • 160 pages

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Note from Randy

Author Randy Alcorn I recently read through the finished book of The Apostle. I felt I wasn’t reading a story I wrote, but one which I merely assembled in a creative way (which of course is the case!). Luke is the narrator, which I feel gives the story an immediacy and personal connection that really pays off in the end when he invites the reader to join the beloved characters of the book by turning to Jesus. I was weeping tears of joy at the end, not as a writer, but as a reader. This surprised and touched me.

Because it includes a large amount of Scripture, and because the gospel is so woven into the story line and there are many people coming to faith, my prayer is that God might choose to use The Apostle powerfully. I hope that the warmth of the relationships between Luke, Paul, Timothy, Titus and Peter, as well as Paul’s good humor along with his failings, will make it seem real and attractive.

The graphics took two artists, a colorist and a letterer (who’ve worked with Marvel Comics, and who also did the art for my first graphic novel Eternity) over a year to complete. I think they did an amazing job. I’ve loved writing The Apostle, and working with these marvelous artists. I hope you enjoy the results.