Happiness 101 Class (DVD)


Happiness 101 Class (DVD): A Biblical Invitation to Joy and Delight in Christ

Is God happy? Should His children be happy?

Many believers today are taught that God wants us to be holy, but not happy, and that joy and happiness are fundamentally different. They’ve even been left with the impression that God Himself isn’t happy.

But joy, gladness, delight, celebration, and happiness in Christ are based on solid redemptive facts, including God’s love and sovereignty. Through the Gospel, called in Isaiah 52:7 the “good news of happiness,” God makes possible a settled happiness in Him despite life’s very real difficulties and sorrows.

The Happiness 101 class, filmed at author Randy Alcorn's Western Seminary course, contains 12 one-hour sessions on 6 DVDs that will guide your study of our God-given quest for happiness. Randy examines the triune God’s own happiness that makes Him the source of ours, as well as the rich constellation of Hebrew and Greek happiness synonyms in Scripture. You’ll discover how the most popular Bible translations have obscured many happiness passages, and how the now pervasive evangelical contrast between joy and happiness is both unbiblical and misleading.

This video series will help you cultivate a foundational happiness in Christ that enriches you, encourages your family and friends, and draws unbelievers to Jesus.

The people of God ought to be the happiest people in all the wide world! —A. W. Tozer

I really enjoyed the class. Randy did an excellent job teaching! This is really a paradigm shifting truth. I know it will have an impact upon my ministry! – J.S., pastor

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  • Set of 6 DVDs with 12 class sessions (most sessions are approximately one hour long)

The Happiness 101 sessions are also available as downloads

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