Heaven Booklet (20-Pack)

Heaven: Biblical Answers to Common Questions (20 Pack of Booklets)
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Heaven: Biblical Answers to Common Questions Booklet (20-pack)

We've received hundreds of letters from Heaven readers who share how God has used this book to help them deal with the deaths of loved ones. This 60-page Heaven booklet by Randy Alcorn is a sampling of the questions and answers found in the larger Heaven book and is being distributed widely at memorial services and funerals, and used as an evangelistic tool with friends and neighbors. 

This special 20-pack is ideal for church giveaways, grief support group members, or individual gifting to a loved one.

Single copies also available.

Read an excerpt (pdf)

Product Details

  • Pack of 20 booklets
  • Each booklet 60 pages

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Some ideas about how to share the Heaven booklet

  • Give a gift basket with goodies and a booklet to your neighbor, friend, relative, co-worker, or to someone in your community who has lost a loved one.
  • If you are a business owner, put them in a basket for your customers to take.
  • Leave a booklet for a waiter or waitress who serves you.
  • Bring one with you to share while you are waiting at a doctor’s office.
  • Give one to the clerk who serves you at the grocery store.
  • Offer them to those who are grieving at funerals and memorial services.
  • Keep a booklet with you and give it out evangelistically when God provides an opportunity!

Responses from those who have shared the Heaven booklets, with more ideas

Our 22-year-old son passed away a few months ago suddenly from a stroke. I have given out many Heaven booklets to his friends. I write in the booklet that I appreciate their love and care after our son's passing, and that I am sure they would like to read about where he is today. Then I pray as I share the booklet with them. It is then God's job to work on their hearts, not mine. The booklet is written so simply and gives the "message" in such tactful ways. When I give the booklet to a person I know is a Christian, I ask them to read it and then pray about who to pass it along to who is not a Christian. This helps to make sure that the person I thought was a Christian really is, and then the additional benefit when it is passed along to others. B.

I always have a few Heaven booklets with me wherever I go. My driver’s license expires next month, so I went to renew it at the DMV. While I was waiting for my number to be called, I offered one to the gal sitting next to me. I was surprised when she said, “I already have one”! We had a great  conversation while we waited, she said she knew all about Randy Alcorn and his ministry, and had read many of his other books. So… since this woman I asked already had a Heaven Booklet, I gave them to the DMV worker who helped me instead, and he gave one to his coworker at the next station! —D.T.

I gave some Heaven booklets in gift bags with chocolate to my neighbors this Christmas. It fills me with joy that I can use these booklets this way! At least one of my neighbors is not a believer, so I prayed over the bags before they went out. M.G. 

Our church will be giving out food baskets at Easter, and we plan on giving each recipient one of the booklets.  If it has as much impact on those receiving the booklets as the book did on my Sunday school class, we will have a revival in this city. —Anonymous

I work in a medical office and regularly order Heaven Booklets to keep in the office for patients to read or take. Each morning I make sure there are 3 Heaven Booklets in each exam room, along with the other reading materials, hoping people will take them to read. I purchased 200 four months ago, and they are almost all gone already and I'm ordering 200 more! I'm thankful for these small, affordable booklets that I can share. —S.L.

The day I picked up a struggling senior who was walking home from the grocery store with heavy bags was the last day I was going to be caught unprepared, with no written material to give out as to why the act of kindness was even done. I ordered a packet of your Heaven booklets that very day. When my order came in, I went back to this lady's house, and we had a sweet conversation. She didn't take the booklet as a "devout Catholic that was clear on her destiny." However, this past week my family went to the coast for a few days and my dear hubby treated me to a spa massage. I gave the Heaven booklet to my massage therapist along with a gracious tip. I've been praying for her ever since.—A.G.

God laid a new idea on my heart the other day when I passed a homeless guy with a sign: to buy $5 gift cards to McDonalds, etc. and put them in the Heaven booklet along with the How Can We Know We’re Going to Heaven? tract and give them to them. I always hesitate to give cash to beggars especially when they are steps away from a liquor store.  I bought gift cards the other day, but haven't passed anyone yet. Now I look forward to seeing someone with a sign instead of dreading and avoiding them! —C.Z.

Recently I used the Heaven booklet in an English fellowship class with Chinese ladies. We started with the last chapter, "How can we know for sure that we'll go to heaven?" We read, translated, and discussed. It was a perfect way to make the gospel clear. They each had a booklet to take home and one to share if they wanted an extra.  —M.W.

My elderly mother has been in a nursing home for about a year. She has been sharing Heaven booklets with visitors and staff for almost as long. I had purchased 100 booklets to send with sympathy cards and filled a wicker basket with Heaven booklets for her to keep on her night stand. Many people are curious about the books and most are delighted to take one home with them. Nursing homes are excellent mission fields! —A.B.

I have really enjoyed passing out the Heaven booklet and the tracts. It makes spreading God's love easier. I own a small landscaping business and have several aging monthly customers whom I really care about. It has been very meaningful to give them the Heaven booklets, as I have been praying for them for years.  —M.F.

Someone suggested to me using the Heaven booklet as a tract. A friend and I took them as we travelled by car to Pennsylvania for a funeral, and we have been using them for years now. Only once has someone rejected my offer. These beautiful little booklets are planted all over the country.  —M.W.