The Purity Principle

God's Safeguards for Life's Dangerous Trails

The Purity Principle
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The Purity Principle: God's Safeguards for Life's Dangerous Trails 

Some people have given up on purity. Some have never tried. Author Randy Alcorn shows us why, in this culture of impurity, the stakes are so high—and what we can do to experience the freedom of purity. Impurity will always destroy us; purity always leads to higher pleasures! Choose wisely. Let the insights of this book—written for old and young, married and single—help you gain your footing on the path to truly lasting joy.

The Purity Principle includes practical guidelines to protect purity, for singles, for married couples, and for parents who wish to train their children in purity. These include controlling the television and internet, and offering alternatives for how to spend our time. It also includes confession, repentance and developing biblical accountability that doesn't just admit sin, but prevents it.

One reader wrote in response:

The Purity Principle may be the shortest book you will ever read on the subject of purity. Yet in 93 pages, it packs a very powerful message. After reading the first few pages—pages filled with heart-breaking stories of those who have chosen impurity and the devastating consequences of their actions—I began to understand how high the stakes are when we play games with our purity.

Because of how I've been raised, I have always believed that impurity is wrong. But one of Mr. Alcorn's points took me by surprise. Impurity is not just wrong. It's stupid. Why? Well, you will just have to read the book. It makes a convincing case for the pros of purity and the cons of impurity that never leaves you bored.

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